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Safeguarding vulnerable adults.

This is a short study session. Aimed at staff working within the social and care home sector. Ideal as an update.

Key content:-

  • Concept of abuse and vulnerability
  • Types of abuse
  • Action to take when abuse is suspected
  • Alerting responsibilities
  • Case studies. Making use of Action on Elder Abuse's "Consequences " material
  • Personal and professional responsibilities.
  • Safeguarding team.

Epilepsy and Buccal medication.

This short study session is intended for care staff in the community and home care sector who support individuals with epilepsy.

Key content:-

  • Have an understanding of epilepsy.
  • Understand the psychological and cultural effects of epilepsy.
  • Be able to recognise seizures and take appropriate action.
  • Recognise the emergency situation and take appropriate action.
  • Have the knowledge to administer midazolam in accordance with care plans.
  • Have the knowledge to administer Buccal midazolam safely.

Certificates valid for two years.

Fees by negotiation